During my career at Valley Forge, the best part was playing sports. I have always loved playing sports and playing them at Valley Forge was even better. That was the reason for all of the friends I made and all the lessons I learned to help me enjoy high school. All four years I had to play on the boys golf team being the only girl in the conference, having to play from the boys tees and playing with all boys. Although this might have been a challenge it did not stop me because my love for the game made me stick with it. Golf ended up being the best experience of my career at VF because of all the fun I had and the friendships I made on the team. Most girls would not want to play with the boys because they were afraid they would not fit in or not be good enough, but I used that as a challenge to me and ended up getting honorable mention in the boys conference my senior year. This was a huge accomplishment to get this award as I was the only girl in the boys conference still beating all the guys for an honorable mention award. Being on the girls basketball team was a whole different experience. Basketball was never my best sport but I still enjoyed playing every year. I never got any special awards but I still shined when I got my chance. I pushed myself hard to work towards getting on the varsity team and worked hard to get the playing time I deserved. Basketball showed me so many things like hard work truly pays off, accountability, teamwork, and to never give up on something you love to do. Softball was a challenge being with a group of girls that were all given the privilege to play travel fastpitch softball for most of their life, whereas I never got the chance to play on a fastpitch team until joining the team in my freshman year. This set me behind everyone else so this meant I had to work a lot harder to catch up to stay on the team and be included. In order to stay on the team, I found a way to play my part where it was needed the most and took on a new position, which was pitching. This was a challenge never playing this position before and not knowing anything about it but I worked hard to learn the position and be the best I could be at it. None of this stopped me from playing though because it is a sport that I love playing so I kept fighting to be able to play the game. Participating in marching band my freshman year was a challenge never participating in anything like it before and also having to balance playing golf in the same season as it. Bouncing back and forth from marching band practice and performances, and golf practices and matches was challenging but worth the experience. All these sports taught me so many lessons, gave me so many great friendships, and provided me with some of the best memories in high school. All of my hard work in golf provided me with an offer from Ohio Wesleyan University to play golf for their team and walk right on playing as a freshman in college. They have also given me a huge scholarship to persuade me to play for them. This is huge because we have not had a member of the golf team at Forge to play golf for a college in many years. I am very honored to have accomplished this, showing me that my hard work really paid off, and am very glad I played the sports I did at Valley Forge throughout my high school career.


Team Letters       Team Awards 
1 Golf 4 Captain all 4 years, MVP 2016, Most Improved 2017, MVP 2019
2 Girls Basketball 2 Captain 2019
3 Girls Softball 2 Most Improved 2017, Offensive MVP 2018, Defensive MVP 2019
4 Marching Band 1 Section Leader
GLC Honors
GOLF Honorable Mention 2019
                        SCHOOL ATHLETIC HONORS
1 Scholar Athlete all four years of golf
2 Scholar Athlete all four years of basketball
3 Scholar Athlete all four years of softball
                        STATE ATHLETIC HONORS
1 Competed at the girls golf state tournament 4 years