Valley Forge has undoubtedly shaped me into the young adult I am right now. To most people, Forge isn’t something to be proud of, or to show off. People my age don’t like to embrace any type of grind. For me, the grind may as well have saved my life. Freshman year, I was on the fence on whether not I was going to play football. I lacked motivation in school, in sports, with family and friends, and with life in general. I fell into a depression that I still sometimes battle to this day. If it weren’t for football, I would have had no ambition to grow every day. I developed the mental strength I never thought I would have. I attribute that to the coaches, whom I view as the only real male role models in my life, believing in me and pushing me no matter if I was feeling up or down. Their consistency in that aspect made me realize that whether or not I accomplish what I need to every day, the world is going to keep spinning and the sun will rise the next morning. One day at a time. I carried that mentality through all of high school and will continue to the rest of my life. Having the opportunity to play college football, and now rugby, (Surprise! Tiffin offered me a rugby scholarship out of nowhere. How weird!) has been the most humbling experience in my life. It was tough, but I decided to forego those opportunities and pursue my passion of health and fitness. I’ve lost a total of 62 lbs since about a year ago and plan on continuing my body transformation for the rest of my life. I am undecided about where I will attend school, but I recently got a very nice paying job at Aldi, so it looks like my best bet will be working full time, getting my prerequisites done at Tri-C, then transferring over to CSU to get a degree in a health field and hopefully become a dietitian one day. That is a long ways away though, so I just need to take it all one day at a time. If I never walk those halls as a student again, I just want to say thank you, Valley Forge.

Team Letters  / Team Awards
1 Football .      3           3x starter ’17-’19, 2x captain ’18-’19, pod leader ’19, defensive mvp ’18, iron man ’19
2 Basketball   0            single game captain
GLC Honors
1st team all conference OT ’18
1st team all district OT ’18
1st team all conference DT ’19
1st team all district DT ’19
lineman of the year ’19
1 lifter of the month
2 performer of the month
3 lift a thon record holder bench, squat, deadlift, hang clean for OL/DL
4 school record squat
1 2nd team all state OT ’18
2 2nd team all state DT ’19