I am honored to have represented Valley Forge High School through athletic participation. I feel that athletics helped me develop a connection to my school and skills that will support me throughout life. Through athletics, I have gained mentors that allowed me to learn the importance of hard work and leadership. I developed the ability to work and communicate with diverse individuals to accomplish goals. I plan to continue to build upon these important skills as I move forward in life and my future career. Playing four varsity sports demanded a significant amount of time and energy however, I showed commitment and perseverance. Managing my involvement became intense at times. Despite this, I chose to give 100% to my commitments, and often put the team’s needs ahead of my own. I wanted to move forward in all my endeavors, so I worked harder to meet my goals and the team’s goals. This allowed me to reach a school record in cross country and to be a top scorer for my soccer team in my senior year. I also learned leadership skills as both a team member as well as a captain for both my soccer and cross-country teams. The ability to interact with diverse individuals and to work as a team to accomplish tasks will follow me into my future career and as a member of the community. My connection to my school through athletics helped me to achieve success in the classroom and through my service activities. My connection to my school and mentors allowed me to feel comfortable while in the classroom environment, and as a result, encouraged me to strive for academic success. I was recognized multiple times as a Great Lakes Scholar Athlete and was inducted into the National Honor Society. This connection also prompted my desire to give back to Valley Forge through the completion of the courtyard project. Upon graduation, I will apply my leadership and collaboration skills to advocate for environmental sustainability and assist corporate teams in implementing strategies that preserve the environment. My goal is to lead teams in researching, developing, and implementing strategies to better the environment and to keep resources, especially waterways, viable for future generations. The perseverance, time management, and leadership skills I developed while at Valley Forge will continue to allow me to strive for my goals and be a successful graduate of Valley Forge High School.

Team                      Letters                Team Awards

1 Cross Country          4                    Cross Country MVP 2016, 2019
Runner of the Meet: Nike Oberlin Invitational 2017,
Lerch Invitational 2018, Kenston Invitational 2019, Lerch
Invitational 2019, Vermillion Invitational 2019
2 Soccer                       3                    Most Improved Athlete 2019

3 Swimming                3                    Patriot Sportsmanship Award 2018

4 Track and Field       3                    Distance MVP 2019

GLC Honors
XC                    -All-Conference Honorable Mention 2017, 2019
-Great Lakes Scholar Athlete 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

Soccer             -All-Conference First Team 2019
-Great Lakes Scholar Athlete 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

Swimming      -All-Conference Honorable Mention 2020
-Great Lakes Scholar Athlete 2018

Track                -All-Conference Honorable Mention 2019
-Great Lakes Scholar Athlete 2018

1 September Top Athletic Performer-Soccer
2 4th Highest Cross Country Time