Patriots News · Athlete of the Year Nominee – Tyler Quinones

2021 Male Athlete of the Year Nominee

Tyler Quinones

Hello my name is Tyler Quinones, I have participated in school sports programs from 7th grade all the way up until my senior year of high school. Throughout my high school basketball career I have made it my ultimate goal to not only win games for our school, but to present Valley Forge with the upmost respect they deserve. There are ups and downs throughout a season but it’s important to stay positive throughout it all. One important lesson I have learned is that for every win or loss you always learn something. From the past two years on Varsity, you can clearly see the change in attitude as we have won the most games in over a decade. It would be an honor to win athlete of the year to solidify the hard work the team and I have put in. Please and thank you for the opportunity!